Greyhall  - The first rule to success is, show up.
"Success is a state of mind. If you want success, start thinking of yourself as a success."
- Dr. Joyce Brothers

Organizational Communication (Internal & External Audits).

Workplace Communication (Presentation Coaching)

Communication Apprehension (Fear of Public Speaking)

You tell yourself you can't do something and you will be correct.  Not only are you sending that message to yourself but those around you.  You are sending that message to people who have influence over your future.  No matter how competent you are technically, if you send off the wrong message you will never get the respect and chances for success you deserve.  

What makes Greyhall Consulting different from other  consultants?

I will make sure you understand the message you are currently sending to others so that you can make adjustments to ensure your success.  Part of the process of success I use are different methods to reframe situations and replace old habits with new ones.  At times, I may also use hypnosis to help my clients.

There is no guess work to success.

I am available for Guest Speaker engagements on the subjects of  Leadership, Communication and Hypnosis. Contact me at or (425) 244-5517 or the contact section of this website.

Scott D. Whippo  M.A., CHt.
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